Nanami Jacket - JJK

Size:  S


What is special about this design?

This whole collection features some of the highest quality sweaters & jackets we have made. The jacket is made from a mix of highest quality 100% cotton & denim fabrics. The jacket also has a very soft lining which ensures comfort when you wear it and keeps you warm during colder days. Our goal is to make subtle cosplay in the same quality as regular clothing from luxury brands. This jacket is no exception. It is made to last so that you can comfortably wear as your every day jacket it in public or as a subtle cosplay at conventions. The design has the same shape & color as Yuji's jacket in the anime. Since it is not made from regular cosplay fabric, it is perfect to casually wear & to stand out in a positive way.

We hope you enjoy your new JJK inspired Jacket!