Manji Zipper Hoodie - Tokyo Revengers

Size:  S


What is special about this design?

This whole collection features some of the highest quality items we have ever made. This jacket is knitted from the best quality 100% cotton yarns. The knitting technique used for this sweater is intarsia. It is one of the highest quality manufacturing methods for sweaters because it creates an almost identical look and feel to a hand-crochet sweater. This method makes this design super soft and comfortable so that you can wear it as a casual outfit every day. Due to the high effort that goes into making these items, this will be the only time this design will be offered for this low of a price. The fabric is made from the highest quality 100% cotton yarns. The design goes perfectly with the Toman Suede leather jacket. It also has a premium Metal Zipper to give this design an even more luxurious feel. 

Enhance your wardrobe with this item and wear a piece that give you comfort and sparks good memories from one of your favorite shows. You can preorder this new design until this wave ends. The price of this design will be increased back to its regular price once it reaches 300 units.

We hope you enjoy your new Zipper Hoodie!